Nagornykh Yuri — Jury member
Jury member
Nagornykh Yuri (Russia)
Acting 2nd class State Councilor of the Russian Federation. Director of Communications — Head of the Department for Interaction with Federal and Regional Authorities of the JSC “Russian Railways”
Is a Russian statesman and sports figure. Most of his working life is related to the development of sports in Russia. From 2010 to 2016 — Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Since 2018 — Advisor to the General Director — Chairman of the Board of the JSC «Russian Railways». He was elected Chairman of the Board of the Public Association RSS «Lokomotiv», which is the sports operator of the JSC «Russian Railways». Since 2020 he has held the position of Director of the JSC «Russian Railways» for Communications — Head of the Department for Interaction with the Federal and Regional Authorities.

Class 2 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation. Has state and departmental awards, awards of the JSC «Russian Railways».

The JSC «Russian Railways» does an enormous job to support and promote activities in the field of the national education, science, art and enlightenment. Supports projects and initiatives aimed at developing and popularizing the rich, centuries-old traditions of the Russian culture.

Yu. Nagornykh actively strengthens cooperation with Russian theaters, museums, festivals and competitions in the field of art, and also provides significant attention and assistance to the development of the younger generation of Russian scientists, artists, athletes, as well as charitable projects for the development of sports, culture and healthy lifestyle.
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