Park Jae-keun — Jury member
Jury member
Park Jae-keun (Korea)
President of the Korean International Ballet Competition
He worked in the Korean ballet company Universal Ballet, as well as a teacher and choreographer in the Almaty National Ballet and the National Ballet School. Was awarded the «Dance Noble» award. 

He is the President of the Seoul International Ballet Competition which established the Korean Ballet Foundation (the competition is being held for the 15th time) as well as the World Ballet Grand Prix, an educational contest for young people, which is held in 11 cities around the world. 

He is an active jury member of many international ballet competitions and plays an important role both in the country and abroad as the Vice President of the International Federation of Dance Competitions, the President of the International Association of Professional Dance Teachers. 

The Artistic director of the Seoul Ballet company and the CEO of the Sang Myung Art Center.
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