Hu Xiao — Jury member
Jury member
Hu Xiao (China)
Professor at the Beijing Dance Academy
Professor Hu Xiao is currently working as a classical dance teacher at the Beijing Dance Academy.

Many times his students won gold and silver medals at international ballet competitions and became excellent performers and teachers. His professional activities are marked by several honorary certificates awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China.

He collected and published «Selected versions of classic variations», as well as other professional works on the art of classical dance. In addition, he published many scientific papers in specialized publications. He led several regional and ministerial research projects. These topics include a study of the curriculum for high-level male classical ballet classes and a special study of male classical ballet variations.

Actively collaborated with ballet theaters and educational institutions in Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain as part of academic exchange. A member of the Chinese Ballet Dancers Association. Visiting Professor at the China University of Communications.
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